Wish to earn money online ??

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If your answer is absolutely yes,

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At hokangtao.com, we are always looking for quality writers who can contribute original quality content thus achieving mutual success.

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What Will I Get / How will I get Paid as a Guest Writer ??

– You will paid handsomely with a two-digit income (RMxx.xx) for each article accepted.

– The more article you write, the more money you are able to generate.

– You will be paid at the end of each month via bank transfer.


Requirement For Article Submission:

– Article must be absolutely original and does not appear in any other website.

– Each article must reach a minimum of 400 words.

– You agree that the entry must be published only at hokangtao.com

– Article must be submitted in Microsoft words format to the assigned email


Our Topics:

Coupons / Sales / Technology / Cars / Promotions / Discounts ?/ Freebies


Who’re the candidates we are looking for ??

1) Experienced Freelance writers with high passion towards our related contents.

2) Our regular readers that wish to contribute to hokangtao.com

3) University / College Students who wish to earn money online by doing part time. (With / Without experience)

4) Candidates with high proficiency in English.


How to apply for Guest writer ?

狗万放款Drop us an email with your Name, email, current area of stay, University / Colleges (If you’re currently studying) with a brief introduction of yourself. State the reasons why must we hire you as well.



How to know whether you have been selected as a guest writer ??

We will be sending you an email to officially congratulates you if you are chosen as our guest writer.


What are you waiting for ??

Email your resume to the email stated above now. You will be replied if you’re selected.